An experienced, passionate, and fun member of the RPYA Youth Outreach Team will connect with an advisor, admin, and/or counseling staff about anything GSA. RPYA can talk through how to found and form a GSA, how to make a GSA a celebratory space, or any support we can provide for advisors and young members of the GSA. 30-60 minute Zoom conversation.


An awesome Youth Outreach Specialist can facilitate and lead a GSA, either remotely via Zoom or Google meets, or in person. Specialists help the GSA build community through activities; they also provide education through lesson plans, presentations, and panels. Young members of the GSA always have the opportunity to get to know the Specialist before they work in community with one another.


A Specialist can help GSA members come together to design and define their vision and mission statement for their GSA, considering focuses of Education, Community, and Action. Check out the template here.


Specialists have designed grade-level and age-appropriate lessons about queer and trans history, current events, and pop culture. All employ Universal Design for Learning and are focused on quality information as well as FUN!


The RPYA Art Department has designed cool flyers for you to customize to advertise your GSA.


RYPA has access to multiple resources for young members of GSAs. Fill out the form here to request.


RPYA has connections to the SoCal chapters of GLSEN and The GSA Network, as well as other local IE organizations that can provide support, crisis care, and material resources to young people.